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One Hundred Eight

It’s funny how everybody likes to take photos of their feet. I think it’s because it documents, from a first person point of view, what is going on, where we are and how we feel.

One Hundred Seven


Extreme cold or hot makes you numb and sleepy. Same happens with life and problems. Don’t fall asleep.

One Hundred Six


Dear Song I Can’t Fucking Get Outta My Head, I think I love you but it might just be infatuation.

One Hundred Four

The inconvenience of trying to be a heroine is that your protégés eventually become your kryptonite.


I fall in love way too easily.


The most terrifying moment is right before “it” happens. Once “it” is happening, things can only get better.


Sometimes I forget to look for you in me and get lost in myself. Half the times, I’m sorry for it.


I can see you in me every time I look at the mirror. I see you, and you, and you, and you.


Innately talented to let myself fall into joy faster than into adequacy.


I can tell you how I feel without saying one single word.


Does it make you smile when I write about you between the lines?


I write your name in my notebooks from time to time. Calligraphy and all.


I can take the lead but I need you to watch over me. Just a bit.


I can tell you how it feels to be free.


I’m one of those persons who needs to move to think. Move to think.


Give me sunshine, fruit and music. I’ll be happy forever.


Sometimes, it scares me that I enjoy so much being alone.


What I enjoy the most of being an adult has more things to do with childhood than with being a grown-up.


I’ll leave my dreams on the wayside to fall in love with yours for a while. Then, I’ll pick up mine and keep going.


If something is irrational and crazy but pleasant, I’ll probably want to do it.