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One Hundred Seven


Extreme cold or hot makes you numb and sleepy. Same happens with life and problems. Don’t fall asleep.

One Hundred Five

I love days that are sexy in sunshine.

One Hundred Two

There are times when you need the peace and healing that can only come from solitude.

One Hundred One

Kill your darlings.

One Hundred

Happiness inhabiting my every molecule.


I fall in love way too easily.


Melancholy is the sophisticated and seductive sister of Arrogance.


The most unforgettable words are always the ones whispered to your ear.


I like when you say my name, makes me feel closer. For just two seconds at least.


Sometimes I forget to look for you in me and get lost in myself. Half the times, I’m sorry for it.


I can see you in me every time I look at the mirror. I see you, and you, and you, and you.


Being a high achiever and perfectionist has its dark side. Starting with a ferocious competitiveness and an implacable need to win. Wish I could resist myself. Sometimes.


Ironic that we spend most of our childhood/teen years trying to belong and then most of our adulthood trying to be different and unique.


Does it make you smile when I write about you between the lines?


I write your name in my notebooks from time to time. Calligraphy and all.


I can take the lead but I need you to watch over me. Just a bit.


I can tell you how it feels to be free.


I’m one of those persons who needs to move to think. Move to think.


What I enjoy the most of being an adult has more things to do with childhood than with being a grown-up.



Makes me so sad that Time flies away that when I can linger on him, I try to make him fall in love with me so he won’t ever leave me.